September 2006, established cooperation with Balkan Food company from Sweden.

Since August 2010, we maintain excellent cooperation with Globus France Company from Paris.

Since July 2013, we maintain excellent cooperation with M. Rizvanaj company from Switzerland.

Since June 2014, we maintain excellent cooperation withGrand Prix Trading Corp from USA.

Export ID - Veterinary seal EU

Export ID - Veterinary seal USA


•Frozen Fancy Bread

Program frozen foliate, without ferment pastry has sweet and salt line.

Salt line:

• Patty (small size) empty
• Patty (small size) filled with cheese
• Zu Zu with sesame

Sweet line:

• Roll (small size) with cream
• Pie with cherry
• Pie with apples
• Pie with jam
• Pie with poppy

Instruction for preparation >> 2015