September 2006, established cooperation with Balkan Food company from Sweden.

Since August 2010, we maintain excellent cooperation with Globus France Company from Paris.

Since July 2013, we maintain excellent cooperation with M. Rizvanaj company from Switzerland.

Since June 2014, we maintain excellent cooperation withGrand Prix Trading Corp from USA.

Export ID - Veterinary seal EU

Export ID - Veterinary seal USA


•About us

The Jevtovic family has been in the business of cereal processing since 1942, when a mill with a single pair of stones was built on the Babotinac River. Tradition of flour production and ambition to continuously make progress in business has been passed down from generation to generation in the Jevtovic family, until today.

Factory of bakery products “Danija” consists of a modern mill with silos for wheat keeping and a plant for the production of frozen pastry and pies.


The plant is located in an unpolluted environment, in Gornja Trnava village, not more than 10km away from the town Prokuplje. Proximity to the main road enables quick communication, whereas the unspoilt environment guarantees the production of safe and healthy products in accordance to tradition in this area and latest tendencies in bakery technology.

We did not want to produce the standard line of bakery products and make “Danija” LLC be just another average company. We want to be different and we want our customers to see us as unique.

For this reason we have made careful research of the market, competition and current demand, and, based on the results, we have defined development strategy. We have specialized in the production of partially baked frozen pie with stuffing of vegetable or animal origin, and wide assortment of frozen pastry.

As a confirmation of high quality of a several-year work of the whole staff on the implementation of the integrated systems, “Danija” LLC received the export number issued by the Ministry, so that it has been successfully exporting its products to the countries of the European Union (France, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden) for quite a long time now. However, our ambition has not ended with this achievement. We always want more. .

By carefully analyzing demands and wishes of the market, we want to meet your expectations and bring the product of the highest quality on your table. This product has to be a combination of a modern technology which guarantees safety and good old recipes of our grandmothers. That’s what Factory of bakery products “Danija” LLC is today… And tomorrow? Well, tomorrow starts today, and we are ready for it.

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