September 2006, established cooperation with Balkan Food company from Sweden.

Since August 2010, we maintain excellent cooperation with Globus France Company from Paris.

Since July 2013, we maintain excellent cooperation with M. Rizvanaj company from Switzerland.

Since June 2014, we maintain excellent cooperation withGrand Prix Trading Corp from USA.

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Jevtovic family is in bakery businnes since year 1942. Modern mill with production capacity 20 T per day, was built year 1989. Silo, capacity 700T, was built year 2002. It has equipment for storing,elevation,filtration and chemical treatment of cereals.Modern bakery was built year 2003. It is one level structure with surface of 500 square meters. Among others bakery has equipment for deep sneezing slice pastry.


Developing concept of enterprise was based on stimulation of production of wheat and other cereals, production of quality meal and efficient serving our customers with best food products.

-Business permit, year 1942. page I page II page III page IV

-Business contract, year 1942. page I page II

-Business permit, year 1951.

-Business permit, year 1967. 2015