September 2006, established cooperation with Balkan Food company from Sweden.

Since August 2010, we maintain excellent cooperation with Globus France Company from Paris.

Since July 2013, we maintain excellent cooperation with M. Rizvanaj company from Switzerland.

Since June 2014, we maintain excellent cooperation withGrand Prix Trading Corp from USA.

Export ID - Veterinary seal EU

Export ID - Veterinary seal USA


We have the honor to introduce our factory of bakery products "Danija". It is not just a producer, which every day deliver thousands of bakery products to the market, it is not only simple sum of equipment and technologies. It is more than it.

Factory of bakery products "Danija" is very serious food producer. We wish that our products become integral part of your life and to be daily on your dining table. Why is it so? Because our bakery, itself, is in healthy environment... More >>

As our specialties we would like to highlight half bake and frozen cheese pie and leafly pastry without ferment.

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